Piedmont Vineyards Walking Tours

November 6, 2016

Tenuta La Pergola offers travel packages that include sensory tour through the vineyards, overnight at the farmhouse, wine tasting in the cellar and tasting lunches. Visitors will be accompanied by a winery guide who will lecture on the vineyards and the natural landscape. Cisterna d’ Asti is located at the junction of three generous territories , Monferrato , Langhe and Roero, always the three areas most prestigious wine of Piedmont : that's the reason why its strategic importance is ancient history. The vineyards of Tenuta La Pergola are all over the hills in the sun, which is a strong presence of essential elements such as sand, clay , limestone and mineral elements necessary to obtain a prestigious wine, a wine La Pergola. The high quality of the wines is guaranteed by each carefully selected grapes grown in a well-defined geographical area. The choice of the soil is a very important factor : the vineyards of Tenuta La Pergola is located on the hills well exposed to the sun , full of sand, clay , limestone and minerals , essential for obtaining a prestigious wine , a wine La Pergola. Piedmont is rich in gastronomic traditions, home to great Barolo wines, pungent cheeses and the famous white truffles of Alba, yet with a natural beauty and lush countryside that is ideal for exploring on foot.




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