April 10, 2017




Italy is a wonderful destination.  It is a majestic country with a rich history, numerous monuments, breathtaking scenery and magnificent architecture. There is nothing better than a glass of wine and a good plate of food to feel complete and enjoy the unforgettable moments in life!

The vineyard of La Pergola stretches over 40 hectares and produces roughly 3.000 quintals of grapes a year, from which little more than 2.000 hectolitres of wine are obtained – low yield vines for high quality wine. 

The Roero (Roè in Piedmontese) is located in the north-east of the province of Cuneo. It takes its name from the family of the same name - or that of the Roero - that since the medieval period and for several centuries ruled over this territory.


The traditional care which goes into each phase of production, the expertise of our oenologists and vinedressers together with state of the art equipment, mean that our products are always of the highest possible standard. For more than a hundred years our experience and skill have been growing to maturity along with the vines, so we have all the necessary ingredients for fine wine. 


From the secrets of a generous land and passion and love for the vine, The wines of Tenuta La Pergola. The traditional treatment at all stages working together with the help of wine experts and winemakers and use of the most modern equipment allow us to offer products always of the highest quality. Thus for over a century every year the grapes ripen with experience and expertise.



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